We have a little Maltese named Bitsy (aka Little Bit). She is all of six pounds, ferociously protective when any car or stranger approaches the house, quick to warm up to strangers once she spends about 30 seconds with them and Karen’s shadow. It’s an interesting thing about Bitsy. When she’s allowed outside, she bounds off to explore the world; chasing everything from squirrels to Daddy Long Leg spiders (go figure) to sticks. But that’s not all. She also suddenly develops the inability to hear or, perhaps more to the point, chooses to ignore our commands that she performs so well inside. However, when we sit on the front porch and tether her with a 15 foot leash, something interesting happens. Sure, she still barks at anything that moves, including leaves blowing in front of her. But she seems perfectly content to walk around and explore her space that has boundaries. I think this is how it is with us. When we wander freely on our own, we often don’t hear (or more accurately ignore) Jesus when he speaks to us. But when we are tethered to Jesus, we have all the room we need, and actually are far more content and happy than we ever can be on our own.