O Lord,

You are Holy. You reign over all that ever has been, is and will be. You are worthy of all our honor, praise and glory through every single one of our thoughts, words and actions in every single moment.

Thank You.

You hold each one of us in the palm of Your hand. You never stop loving us, never give up on us and never turn away. You personally take the initiative through Jesus to do for us what we absolutely need, but can never do on our own – transform our relationship with You, others and ourselves.

Thank You.

You forgive us again and again and again. You shower us with the fullness of Your unconditional, convicting, invitational and transformational love. You mold and shape each one of us until we become the unique person You have created us to be.

Thank You.

While we confess this is all more than we can begin to comprehend, we do know what matters most. You are holy. You first love us. You give us life that is abundant and eternal. And that’s why in whatever today holds, we choose to love You. More and more. Deeper and deeper. With greater and greater joy.

And we do it all through our Savior, Lord, Brother, Friend and Teacher, Jesus.