Lord God Almighty!

I pray that Your blessing today will be on those whose spirits overflow with joy and those whose spirits are broken. Those who look ahead with hope and those who cast down their eyes in despair. Those who seek You with all their hearts and those who seem only to have questions for You.

Give all of these persons just the grace they need in just the way they need it at just the time they need it so they can know the boundless nature of Your love. Help them experience how You freely offer them all they are looking for even if they do not know it until they receive it. Fill them with Your hope that truly changes things and, more importantly, changes them.

Quite simply, Lord, may this day be for them a day unlike any other because they discover – maybe for the first time and maybe for the first time in a long time – what it means to live their lives in the palm of Your hand.

I gratefully pray this in the strong name of Jesus – my Savior, Lord, brother, friend, teacher and mentor.