Dear Lord,

It’s so easy to think ‘The Church’ is a building or a pastor or even a denomination. But it’s not. It’s the people. Your people. Ordinary everyday people who are sometimes saints and sometimes sinners. We call laity. And I give You profound thanks for them.

They are the ones who form children, youth and those new to the faith as Jesus’ disciples. They are the ones who sacrifice financially to support the work of the church. They are the ones who remain the church as pastors come and go. They are the ones who take the church out into the world every single day as they live their lives. They are the ones who share the love of Jesus with so many different people in so many different ways every single day.

But sometimes they forget who they are because they forget whose they are. When they do, help them remember they are part of the Body of Christ and that Jesus is their head. Fill them with Your love so they become more compassionate. Place Your vision in their hearts so they strive to be the Body of Christ to more and more people.

Lord, on this day on which we celebrate the laity, I pray that all lay persons – regardless of which church or denomination they belong to – will use their skills, experiences and the gifts the Holy Spirit has bestowed upon them to do best what You are calling them to do – be in ministry.

I pray this in the strong name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.