I was reading a story about the Hogs a couple of days ago and realized they’re already ⅔ of the way through their season. How did that happen? I stopped at the grocery store yesterday to pick up a couple of things and the Christmas beer display (not making this up!) was already up. How did that happen? I looked at my calendar today and it’s already October 28. How did that happen? The hardest thing about time moving so quickly is looking back and regretting missed opportunities. Opportunities to visit someone you love, catch up with an old friend, read a book, pray or get involved in that project to help someone that you’ve been too busy to do. While those opportunities are gone and you will never be able to reclaim them, you do have today. And you do have God, who loves you passionately, deeply and personally. Which makes each day a brand new day of holy moments. And when you look at it like that, it just may change what you choose to do today.