What Are You Waiting For?

Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him. (Psalm 62:1 NIV)

Falling leaves are a sign a tree is preparing to rest for the winter. A baby fussing after eating is a sign she needs to rest. A field with a diminishing yield is a sign the soil needs to rest. Your yawning late in the evening is a sign you need to rest. Good rest renews, restores and replenishes your body, mind and emotions. In fact, doctors make it clear that getting adequate rest must be a priority because it is essential for your well-being. This is why the psalmist’s words are so compelling. They are a powerful reminder that you need to spend time resting in the Lord if you are going to live the life God dreams for you. And while it can be tempting to think you don’t have time just to ‘be with God’ because life is so busy, the fact of the matter is that you don’t have the time not to spend with God. It’s simply the most important time you can spend. So much so that God is waiting – indeed, God is longing – for you to come and rest in him so your spirit will be renewed, restored and replenished. Which means the only question left is, “What are you waiting for?”