A part of the human condition is being wounded deeply as you journey through life. I know it’s true for me. Someone speaks a hurtful word that leaves a scar. A trusted friend betrays me. I am treated in ways that make me feel invisible.  

Sometimes, however, God takes a painful experience I would rather not have had in the first place, and uses it to nudge me in a new direction. This happened not too long ago when a message popped up on my phone informing me of my day’s screen time – in other words, how much time I had spent on my phone for the day. Of course, that’s just a piece of information, right? But that simple piece of information was immediately followed by a question that pierced my heart, “How much more time do I spend on my screen than I do with God?” 

That question was so painful because It forced me to face a difficult truth about myself. But it also was a moment of amazing grace because God was there. Walking with me through the pain, helping me think through how I can do things in new ways and encouraging me as I made some changes in my life.

Life is filled with pain. But sometimes that pain leads to abundant life. Not because the pain is good, but because God’s resurrection power is far more powerful.