TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday! It’s one of the few acronyms that’s virtually universally known. And whenever you utter it, it’s usually with a mixture of relief that the work week is over and joy that the weekend is about to begin. 

But there’s another meaning for TGIF – Thank God It’s Free! The ‘It’ is Jesus’ love for you. It’s a love that freely takes the initiative to reach out to you when you least deserve it, but most need it. It’s a love that freely invites you into a personal relationship with the One who loves you so much that he freely died so you can experience life with him as Savior, Lord, Brother, Teacher and Friend. It’s a love so free that Jesus promises it will transform you from the inside out so that you become perfect in love. 

Indeed, TGIF! Not just one day a week. And not just for everyone else. But every moment of every day! And for you!