Early September is a period of time – in my mind at least – when the heat of summer should begin to be a thing of the past, the air should turn cooler and the land should enjoy a respite of refreshment before slumbering for the winter. But not this year. Instead, it was hot and dry. Parched, actually. The grass turned brown, leaves dried up and dropped off trees, and the land was hard and cracked. Then the rain came; gentle and lasting several hours. And the most amazing transformation occurred. Wilted plants perked up, brown grass turned green, and the land was renewed and refreshed. 

This is exactly the kind of transformation the Holy Spirit brings me. It refreshes me when I am parched, renews me when I am tired and brings me new life in the midst of exhaustion. And it’s what the Holy Spirit longs to do for you as well. So get ready if you are weary, parched and feeling as if joy in life is being sucked out of you – because God is sending the life-giving rain of the Holy Spirit into your life.