Narratives shape your life. Your family has given you a narrative that is deeply embedded – usually unconsciously – in your soul. Culture bombards you with a narrative that causes you to feel like a ping pong ball being smashed back and forth across a net. And then there’s social media, that craftily manipulates you with a narrative controlled by an algorithm. Sadly, these narratives too often work together in ways that leave you feeling anxious, empty and as if you don’t matter. Thankfully, God has another narrative about you that is far more powerful than all of these narratives put together. While it is ultimately complex and mysterious, it is also quite simple. And it is true regardless of who you are and how painful your life’s narrative is. God loves you more than you can possibly comprehend. God has sent Jesus to change your narrative through his sacrificial love on the cross. And God gives you new life that begins right now and lasts forever.