Some days you feel absolutely out of sorts, anxious and as if nothing is working out the way it should. And what makes it worse is that you don’t know why. Or maybe you do, but don’t want to admit it because that’s more than you can handle. So you start doing everything you can to prove to God that you’re worthy of God getting involved in your life to make things better. But you soon discover all your best efforts to prove yourself to God fall short – as hard and sincerely as you try. Which makes a bad situation worse because it leaves you feeling utterly alone. But you are not alone. God is with you. And even more importantly, God is working for you. Showering you with love, filling you to overflowing and fixing those things that both you and God know need some work. And then it hits you. You no longer are trying to prove how good you are to God. You are trying to live the best life you can because it’s the thing you want to do more than anything else in response to God’s amazing grace.