I have this thing about TV’s. And truth be told, I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember. I still get excited thinking about getting our first color TV (a Curtis Mathis) the day before the very first Super Bowl. Or purchasing one of the first stereo televisions on the market (never mind that the right speaker never quite worked right). Or setting up my very first HD TV (with accompanying surround sound speakers set up all over the den), and watching a NASCAR race replay for an hour transfixed by the clarity of the picture and the real-life sound. Or most recently (because there have been many more chapters in between), buying an OLED TV with ATMOS sound system that provides a clearer picture and precise sound than I think my old eyes and ears can appreciate. 

Now I’ll be the first to say it because I’m sure you’re thinking it. There’s nothing remotely spiritual about any of this. But I’ll be transparent. I’m not going back when it comes to sight and sound!

Something became crystal clear last Saturday evening when the Hogs played Texas that I had become increasingly aware of in recent months. On a couple of the sound settings, there was so much background noise that I hardly could hear the announcers describing the action on the field. Not surprisingly, I did what I thought was the most rational and reasonable thing to do. I turned up the volume. And I kept turning it up until it became a point of deep theological discussion with Karen. At which point I did the thing I probably should have done in the beginning – I turned up my hearing aid volume as high as it would go.

But guess what? Nothing changed. Everything was louder, but nothing was any clearer.

I think this is what happens in my life all too often. There is so much background noise from social media, 24 hour news cycles, ideological diatribes, music, conversation that doesn’t have much substance, my failed attempts to be in control of my life and my own negative self-talk, that I simply don’t hear God speaking to me. That’s a crazy way to live. So please pray for me, that I listen to God in a way that I may truly hear. And if by chance you are struggling in the same way, I will pray for you.