Lord God,

My soul is heavy today.

Images of yesterday’s commemoration of the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 still linger in my soul. The death and destruction of COVID19, especially its divisive impact in our nation, will not leave me any peace. And the fact that children near and far will suffer hunger, abuse and hopelessness is almost unbearable. 

And yet. 

It’s a beautiful cool September morning where I live. The many blessings I experience overwhelm me with gratitude. And this day is Your gift to me.  

In the midst of all of this, I long to live a holy life. Not to earn Your love or prove how religious I am. But simply because I cannot not do anything else once I have experienced Your love that changes everything about everything. 

And so, Lord, my prayer is simple. May I root my life in Your love that showers me daily. May I experience as my own the saving love that Jesus shared through his death on the cross. And may I linger in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit that enables me to live the life to which you call me.

I pray this in the life-giving name of Jesus.