What You Need to Know About the Move From Ministry Financials to NetSuite

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The Arkansas Conference of the United Methodist Church changed its tithe reporting and pension billing software from Ministry Financials to NetSuite on July 1. The move to NetSuite streamlines the process to both record and report this information in our financial software. Instructions on how to use NetSuite are available in PDF and video format at www.arumc.org/tithe. This change only affects those churches that report tithe and/or pay tithe and pension billings online.

Below are some frequently asked questions about the new process.

  • The billing@arumc.org email address is not working.  This issue has been resolved.
  • Can more than one email log-in have access to our church NetSuite site? No, each church only has one log-in available. If more than one person needs to log-in, the log-in information will need to be shared.
  • I have logged in and reported my tithe but I do not see the pension information I need to pay.  The final documents are still being collected for clergy compensation. Once all the information is received, an upload will be made into NetSuite and the pension billings will appear. 
  • Once logged in, the Quick View says I do not have enough permissions to use this portlet.  Please disregard this message. If you see this home screen, you are properly logged in and have all the permissions needed.
  • I paid using an electronic bank draft previously. Do I need to re-enter that information? No, if you previously paid with a bank draft, your information is already transferred to NetSuite and there is nothing else you need to do. 
  • Will I still be receiving statements from the Conference each month? Monthly statements are available in NetSuite by going to Contributions > Tithes & Contributions > Monthly Statement  (for a summary) or by going to Contributions > Tithes & Contributions > Running Total Balances vs. Paid (for monthly detail). The statement available on the Print Monthly Statement screen only shows balances due. If you are paid in full, nothing will appear. If your church would like a statement emailed or mailed to them, please contact Wendy Brunson-Daniels at wbrunson@arumc.org or 501-324-8029.
  • What do I select as my “Tithe Reporting Month”? The Tithe Reporting Month refers to the month the income was collected. For example, if you are reporting tithe in July on collections in June, the Tithe Reporting Month selected should be June.

Please contact us at billing@arumc.org if you have any additional questions.


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