Lord God of All That Has Been, Is and Will Ever Be,

My heart longs to give You perfect praise, honor and glory because You are worthy of all of my adoration, worship and dedication. And yet, I know from painful experience that I inevitably fall short whenever I try to do so because of all the ways I separate myself from You, others and me. But in spite of my failures, Your ever-present grace takes my meager efforts and perfects them in the fullness of Your love.

Help me to acknowledge, but not remain stuck in, my sin as I look to Your amazing grace that You offer through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the gift of all gifts I desperately need and receive by simply trusting in it. Help me to invite You to be my Rock and my Hope every second of every day. Help me grow deeper in my discipleship in the midst of real life joy and disappointments so that I may follow Jesus wherever he leads me.

And in all things, and in spite of anything, may I eternally proclaim that You are still God, Jesus is still Lord and the Holy Spirit is still at work. 

I pray these words in the strong name of Jesus.