Lord of All,

I pray for Your world that is so broken – from people turning away from You to injustice that perpetuates from generation to generation. Unleash Your Holy Spirit so that people realize the folly of their ways and turn to You in a humble spirit that brings transformation of lives, communities and the world.

I pray for Your church that is fundamentally divided in ways that are a scandal to the Gospel. Pierce the hearts of Christians who treat each other as enemies so that they may truly become brothers and sisters with each other because of their relationship with Jesus. 

I pray for Jesus-followers who are overwhelmed with life as they seek to be faithful in all they do every single day. Fill them with the spiritual gifts You know they need to live the unique lives You have created them to experience, and give them Your joy that grows in the most difficult of times. 

Yes, Lord, I pray. Help me to pray more deeply, more powerfully and more from my heart. And may my prayers continue on my best days, my worst days and all the days in-between. 

I pray this in the name of Jesus who is my Savior, Redeemer, Lord, Brother, Friend and Hope.