Lord, bless mothers everywhere every single day. Help them experience how much You love them. How You are always with them. And how You offer healing, wholeness and help when they need it most.  

Lord, enable them to hear the holy calling You have placed on their lives. Allow them to live this calling out with their unique gifts and graces. And empower them to share Your unconditional love with their children – in both their best and worst moments, their joy and sorrow, and in their youth and old age.  

Lord, bless all for whom this is a painful day. Too many mothers have hurt their children and too many children have hurt their mothers. Too many mothers grieve the loss of their children and too many children grieve the loss of their mothers. And too many mothers live with suffocating guilt and too many children live with guilt as well. 

Lord, bring to all who hurt, Your healing. To all who are filled with regrets, Your grace. And to all whose pain causes them to feel there is little to look forward to, Your hope.

We pray this in the strong name of Jesus.