Spring has sprung where I live. The air has been warming, flowers blooming and trees leafing out. Yes, there has been pollen, lots of it. But it is overshadowed by the beauty that is everywhere. On Monday, however, the National Weather Service issued a freeze warning. So last evening Karen and I covered all of our pots of flowers, newly planted perennials and herbs. This morning – and remember it’s April 21 – it is 29 degrees at my house. Who would have thunk it? This is a powerful reminder that life is never a straight line. The unexpected occurs, setbacks take place and tragedy is a reality that often strikes when least expected. And we have to deal with it whether we want to or not. Of course, in a day or two, the temperature will be back in the 70’s and the plants will begin recovering. This, too, is a powerful reminder of the reality, not of the uncertainty of life, but of the absolute certainty of God’s grace. God is always present, God’s healing is a reality and you can always have hope.