Sometimes the most important thing you can do on a tough day is to remember what matters most in life. You are created by God in God’s image and loved passionately. You are loved unconditionally by God just the way you are. You are so precious to God that God is unwilling to leave you just the way you are. You matter enough that Jesus freely left his rightful place with God to save, redeem, heal and transform you into the person God dreams for you to be. You are given spiritual gifts by the Holy Spirit that allow you to experience Kingdom living right now regardless of who you are and what your life is like. You can live with confidence, joy and hope because Jesus’ love for you and your love for Jesus means nothing that happens in life or death ever will separate you from God’s love. And you are called to join Jesus’ mission of bringing people into a relationship with him and working for God’s justice everywhere. When you think about what matters most, it’s interesting how it has a way of putting today in perspective.