The skies were so dark and threatening all day yesterday that it was clear a storm was coming. Eventually, it did. As it was growing dark, however, the sun began to break through the clouds and filled the sky with beautiful colors. This morning the sky is blue, the air crisp and the temperature delightful chilly. This contrast is exactly what your life is like. There are stormy times, but eventually they clear out and are replaced by beautiful weather. It would be easy to say that God shows up to end storms when they arise. But the fact of the matter is that the gift of life God gave us includes the inevitably of storms, even though God is not responsible for creating individual storms. This may be disturbing, but it’s true. However, it also means that God is present in everything that happens even though God doesn’t cause everything that happens. And because God is always present – whether what’s going on is good, bad or ugly – grace is always abundant.