I believe this era in history will be remembered for our insistence on labeling people and putting them into categories, and then demonizing them when they don’t fit in the right boxes. I know this seems like a harsh indictment, but the evidence is overwhelmingly clear from online posts, political rhetoric and even Christian pronouncements. In a world whose stability is threatened by the COVID19 pandemic, government overreach, global hunger, terrorism, the sin of racism and climate change, this just may be the most threatening reality of all because it leads people to use their energy for attacking others instead of working together to solve problems. Quite frankly, it’s time for those of us who know we are saved by Jesus and want him to be Lord of our lives to change the narrative – whether it’s in our online presence, the way we talk about politics or how we speak our faith – by talking about others as those created in the image of God, people for whom Jesus died, and sisters and brothers in Christ. It may not change the world, but it’s sure a positive start.