Dear Lord,

There’s a cacophony of noise swirling around. Some of this noise is people advocating for their personal agendas. Other parts are the sound of confusion. But some of it – to be honest, way too much of it – is anger, demonization and hatred. 

I confess that sometimes all of this noise is so loud I cannot hear You. I also have to confess that too often I am so busy adding to the noise that I don’t really want to listen to You. But deep down I know I long to hear You, need to hear You and must make it a priority to hear Your graceful word, Your healing word, Your challenging word, Your correcting word, Your transforming word and Your hopeful word.

May this be a day of listening and hearing. But perhaps even more importantly, may it also be a day of discerning and then acting so that Your will may become just as real on earth as it already is in heaven.

Christ, in Your mercy, hear my prayers.