“Small Changes Make a Big Difference”


Our house shifts on its foundation during the different seasons of the year. Recently, this meant the door to the garage wouldn’t shut. I would have to try five, ten or more times to get the door to latch and, not surprisingly, quickly grew frustrated. Finally, a light bulb came on (it always takes mine longer than most people) and I decided to try making an adjustment to the plate on the doorframe. I loosened each of the screws half a turn. When I tested the door, it latched the first time and every time. Sometimes, it only takes a small adjustment to make a big difference. And that’s true in your relationship with Jesus as well. So what if you tried a ‘small’ thing? Like saying a prayer when you get up and go to bed. Or reading a couple of verses of scripture every day. Or talking with your spouse about your faith. Or spending some time in a food ministry sharing Jesus’ love with those who are hungry. You will be amazed how a small change in your relationship with Jesus will make a big difference in your life.