Some days I’m glad, others mad and sometimes sad. Today I’m sad.

I’m sad – heartbroken actually – that the sin of racism continues to rear its ugly head, this time in Atlanta, and we seem to make so little progress in moving towards building Your reconciliation. Christ, have mercy.

I’m sad – beyond comprehension to tell the truth – about the treatment of thousands and thousands of children on our southern border, who are separated from their parents and living in fear. Christ, have mercy.

I’m sad – and do not understand even as I try – that so many children go to bed hungry, struggle to read and live in poverty in our state every day and there is not an outrage. Christ, have mercy.

I’m sad – and grieve deeply – how demonization has replaced compassion, division has become more normative than unity and despair has overwhelmed hope. Christ, have mercy.

Yes, I’m sad, Lord. But I also have realized that there is a season for sadness, mourning and grieving. So don’t let me rush out of it. Indeed, give me exactly the grace You know I need to stir my soul for a purpose.  

I pray this in the strong name of Jesus.