There are seasons when I am filled with a sense of gratitude so deep it is almost indescribable. Days when joy explodes in my spirit. And moments when I know that it truly is well with my soul. 

But that’s not how I’m feeling today.

Today, my heart aches for the way we human beings look the other way when people suffer, treat each other as enemies, and self-righteously mischaracterize and demonize with whom we disagree. Lord, convict us until every one of us sees every human being as someone for whom you sent Jesus.

Today, my spirit is unsettled because Jesus’ church too often seems to act just like any other institution that is shaped by a human desire to mold it for human purposes. Lord, Convert us until we once again become the Body of Christ that shares the graceful, redeeming and transforming love You have incarnated in Christ.

Today, my soul struggles because I am clearly aware of how much of my life I spend striving to make control and comfort the things that matter most. Lord, transform me from the inside-out until I truly make Your will the driving force in my life, my attitude and my decisions.  

Yes, Lord, it’s one of those days. But I know that the one thing that matters more than anything else is true even as I experience an aching heart, unsettled spirit and struggling soul – You are still God, Jesus is still Lord and the Holy Spirit is still at work.

So today I will do the most important thing I can do. Give You all honor, glory and praise. And live in Your hope.