Dear Lord,

When Jesus entered the Holy City of Jerusalem on a small donkey long ago, he was carrying out Your will. It was a glorious day as he was met by adoring crowds who celebrated his triumphant entry as a King. Within hours, however, these same crowds turned against him and were crying out for his crucifixion because he had failed to fulfil their hopes and dreams.

On this Palm Sunday when we celebrate Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem as a different kind of King of a different kind of Kingdom, we confess we sometimes are guilty of trying to make Jesus into what we want him to be instead of welcoming him for who he is.

On this Palm Sunday when we focus on joyous crowds, happy children and palm fronds, we confess we too readily forget that what happened on that day would lead to his rejection, torture and execution instead of seeing Your larger plan.

On this Palm Sunday when we are overwhelmed with so much brokenness, suffering and struggle all around us and in our own lives, we confess we too easily long for Jesus to be at our beck and call instead of finding our place in Your Kingdom.

On this Palm Sunday when we come face-to-face with the reality of who we are and what we do, we pray You will stir our souls, deepen our desire to be faithful disciples of Jesus and seek to do Your will every day in every single thing we do.

Lord, in Your mercy hear our prayer.