There’s a well-worn question that goes, “Do you see the glass half-empty or half-full?” In theory, if you answer, “Half-empty” you’re a pessimist. If you say, “Half-full” you’re an optimist. But there’s also another answer, “It’s simultaneously half-empty and half-full.” And if that’s your answer, you’re probably a realist. A similar question for those who love Jesus goes, “Is the Kingdom of God off in the future or is it here now?” Jesus’ answer is clearly, “It’s both present and something yet to come.” You’re probably used to thinking of the Kingdom as something in the future when God’s will is just as real as it already is in heaven. But now? In this world? Are you certain? The answer is an emphatic, “Yes!” And Jesus is inviting you to start experiencing it right now by dwelling in his way of seeing, feeling and acting one day at a time.