I have to admit it. I’m living on the run. Often, it’s because I’ve got more to do than I can say grace over, and so I’m running from a Zoom to a project to dealing with a crisis. All too often, however, it’s because I’m running around trying to find God. That may sound like a good thing because it means I’m trying to be really serious about my faith. Which, of course, is an admirable thing. Right? But I’m not so sure – because I’m afraid that too often I really may be running because I think it’s my responsibility to find God. But it’s not. And it never will be, because God already has found me in Jesus. In fact, Jesus is with me right now waiting with open arms for me to step into his embrace, and trust him totally for everything I need. So maybe today, I’ll just stop my running, stand still, and actually see Jesus who already has found me.