My brother and sister-in-law moved into the retirement home they built just outside Portland, Oregon about a year-and-a-half ago. The centerpiece of the lot they purchased – and one of the primary reasons they bought it – was a majestic 150 year old Oak. About 3:15 am this morning in the midst of one of the worst ice storms on record, they were jolted awake by a loud crash. The massive tree was so coated with ice it could no longer bear the weight any longer, and had fallen over with such force it pulled the root system out of the ground. My brother and sister-in-law assumed the tree that had been there so long and had withstood so much would continue to tower over their property for decades to come. I know I did. But it didn’t, and is a powerful reminder that life is ultimately fragile. Even those things and people that seem all powerful. But the Good News is that the fragile nature of life is not the last word. God’s love in Jesus Christ is. And when you live in him, you can live with confidence that nothing in life – even death itself – can separate you from God’s love.