Dear God, 

Thank You for being the Creator of All That Has Been/Is Now/Ever Will Be. You are far more than we can ever begin to imagine, yet You love us as if we are more important than anything else. May we find our being, our identity and our purpose in Your majesty and love.  

Thank You for Your love that is as personal as we can imagine in Your Son – our Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ. May we entrust ourselves to him in all we think, feel and do, so that we follow him and embrace the life he beckons us to experience.

Thank You for Your love that comes to us through the Holy Spirit in so many ways – comforting, challenging and convicting – in just the ways You know we need it. May we constantly dwell in it every single day as we invite the Spirit to melt us, mold us, fill us and use us.

We pray this with eternal gratitude, giving You all honor, praise and glory in Jesus’ name.