We are so ready to move on. To move on from the COVID chaos and suffering that has engulfed our world and our lives. To move on from the deep polarization that inflicts our nation and our church. To move on from the insurrection that occurred at the Capitol and the threat of political violence that still fills the air. 

But before we can move on, we first have to address the reality of COVID through our own personal actions and the widespread distribution of the vaccine. We first have to be willing to dive deeply into the chasm of difference, and find ways to creatively and peacefully live with those with whom we disagree. We first have to deal with those who caused the violence to explode and linger.

But even before we do these things, we must first deal with ourselves. Or, more to the point, we must invite You to deal with us. Prod us until we confess our sins, including our propensity to righteously demonize all too easily those with whom we disagree. Propel us into uncomfortable conversations which take us places we would like to avoid. Prepare us to speak the truth in love and act upon it in dealing with all acts of violence.

Come, Holy Spirit. Melt us, mold us, fill us and use us. Enable us to be Your humble and bold servants who sow seeds of the Good News. Equip us to reconcile people to Christ and to each other. 

We pray this in the strong name of Jesus, who helps us experience how all things are possible with You.