God of All That Is, Has Been and Will Ever Be,

My heart is filled with compassion today for the forgotten ones who so often fade away from my sight because I am so focussed on myself. Those struggling to survive on the margins. Those shunned because they are not beautiful enough, techie enough, wealthy enough or cultured enough. Those whose integrity leads them to walk away from the crowd.

Fill all who feel forgotten with just the grace they need at just the time they need it in just the way they need it. Let them experience how Your love in Jesus is an intimate, personal and life-changing reality for them. Enable them to grasp fully how much they matter to You, and how the world would be poorer without them.  

Open the eyes of my heart to see all those I look at, look through and look past. Prod me to treat them like I would treat Jesus. Give me the privilege of making them a part of my life, as I love, serve and learn from them.

I pray this in the strong name of Jesus, who came so that no person would ever be forgotten.