I am so glad to be rid of 2020 because the suffering, uncertainty and hopelessness was suffocating. And while I hope that 2021 will change things because it’s no longer 2020, I know better because the changing of the calendar does not change life. But there is something that does –  the ultimate reality that you are still God, Jesus is still Lord and the Holy Spirit is still at work. So here my prayer for this new year.  

Let me be filled with gratitude – not just when things are going great, but in every moment and every situation – because gratitude changes the flavor of life. 

Let me live by Your grace – so that I don’t worry about whether I am good enough or have impressed others enough – because it allows me to live in Your Kingdom right now.

Let me always see Jesus in the other – especially those with whom I become angry or want to turn away from – because life is richest when I treat each person as if I were interacting with him.

Let me learn the lessons I need from the past year and forget all those things that clutter my life – as hard as that may be – because this opens the door to experiencing abundant life right now. 

Let me become more compassionate and strive for Your justice – not just by words but through my actions – so that I share Jesus’ love that makes all things new. 

Let me get out all of the garbage of my life and fill it with joy, hope and love – which is a constant challenge – because this is what it means to live created in Your image. 

Let me fall more deeply in love with Jesus every single day – as I respond to his love for me – because, when all is said and done, he is my beginning and ending, my Savior and Redeemer, and my Lord and my friend. 

I pray all of this with a humbled heart and an anticipating spirit in Jesus’ name.