Seeking God’s truth matters. Embracing God’s truth matters. Holding onto God’s truth when you think others are denying it matters. However, it’s not as simple as “This is the truth. I know it’s true. And so it is God’s truth – no ifs, ands or buts.” And the reason it’s not this simple is the reality that we call sin. I’m not talking about the sin of others. I’m talking about our sin – yours and mine. Sin can do lots of very destructive things in our dealings with truth. Mostly, however, it can turn our righteous desire to seek God’s truth into a self-righteous exercise in which we diminish others, demonize others and destroy others because – when we are the guardians of the truth – well, anything’s justified. That’s why I do my best (too often failing, of course) to use a very simple exercise. I ask myself, “What if I don’t have it right?” This doesn’t change my quest for seeking and speaking God’s truth. It does, however, usually humble me enough to help me make sure I’m focusing on God’s truth and not my truth that I’m trying to disguise as God’s truth.