Seasonal Affective Disorder – with its appropriate acronym of SAD – is the result of a drop in the serotonin level caused by reduced exposure to sunlight in the winter. It can trigger depression, or at least a case of the blues. The cure for SAD is pretty simple. Spend some time in the sun. Recently, I’ve become aware of a brand new affective disorder. While it’s not yet been officially recognized, it is real and debilitating. COVID Affective Disorder – with its acronym of CAD – is the result of COVID’s prolonged disruption, forced isolation, and inability to do many of the things that bring you joy, meaning and hope. CAD can lead to severe depression, loss of energy, cynicism, anger and hopelessness. Thank God, however, that it has a cure – step into the Light of the World, Jesus Christ. He is waiting for you; in fact, he is longing for you to come to him. His unconditional, invitational and transformational love will never dim regardless of what happens as a result of COVID. And when you double down on him – even if you know your faith is far from being fully mature – you will discover that he will restore your purpose, joy, compassion, passion for God’s justice and hope.