It’s just a few days until Christmas. And we wait. Longingly, hopefully and sometimes impatiently. Not merely to celebrate what happened long ago in Bethlehem. And not just to anticipate what will happen when Jesus returns to bring to completion Your work. But for Jesus to come right now into our lives filled with fears, uncertainties, struggles to deal with COVID, deep longings for God’s justice and the realization that we too often fail to live as God has created us to live.

Come, Lord Jesus. Come with healing on your wings. Come to soothe our aching hearts. Come to bring your justice that replaces oppression, addiction, loneliness and struggle. Come to unleash your love, joy and hope. Come so we may adore you. Yes, come right now, Lord Jesus, into our hearts, our minds, our lives and our world.

We pray this in the strong, strong name of Jesus.