We are reminded all too painfully as we literally plunge towards the darkest time of the year – the winter solstice – that we experience darkness in so many ways. Some of it is so big we can hardly comprehend it – like COVID. Some of it we know about, even if we do not experience it – like the hunger the engulfs millions of children every single day. Some of it we know all too well – like the darkness of our own souls because we feel so far away from You.   

We ache to experience how Jesus – who has come/is present/will come again – can fill all the dark places, wherever they may be. We dream of the day when he heals every hurt, brings the fullness of Your justice and lovingly draws every human being to him.

We ask You to fill us with a holy unrest, so we long for Jesus more than we ever have. We plead with You to stir our souls, so we are unsatisfied until we welcome him. We ask You to cajole us if need be, so we desire him like we desire nothing else.  

We pray this in the power of Your light who is coming into the world.