COVID-19 is surging. Hospitalization rates and those on ventilators are at record highs. Deaths are skyrocketing. And things are only going to get worse in the coming months before they get better. But right now life is disrupted, and you’re coming to grips with the fact that cherished traditions like Thanksgiving are going to be untraditional this year at the very time we long for how they bring stability to life. So remember this. You may be separated from those you love, but your love keeps you connected with them. You may struggle to be thankful in this season of thanks, but you can still focus on the many blessings you do have. And you may wonder what’s going to happen, but you can stake your life on the fact that nothing in life or death – it doesn’t matter what it is – can ever separate you from God’s love in Jesus Christ. Sure, it’s a different Thanksgiving. Even a difficult Thanksgiving. But there’s still so much for which to be thankful.