Do you let distress drive you to God – or do you let it drive you away from God? While you know how you want to answer the question, you also know that you let distress drive you away from God far too often. It’s yet another example of the human condition described so well by the Apostle Paul – you don’t do the things you want to do and you do the very things you never want to do. But you don’t need to be perfect before you go to God – you’ve just got to get there. Even if it is with all kinds of questions, in the midst of one of your worst moments or messy. That’s because God’s waiting to embrace and heal you from the inside-out. And once you experience this, you’ll find yourself saying, “That horrible time of distress got me to God. Who crafted me into a person I never would have been otherwise. And I’m more thankful than ever – even in the midst of distress.”