On this All Saints Day, we remember all those saints who are now part of the Church Triumphant. We grieve with broken hearts even as they join in an eternal chorus of praise. We celebrate their faithfulness and the reality that they are in Your presence for all eternity. And we give thanks for the lives they touched with Jesus’ love. 

We remember those near and dear who no longer are with us, and for the difference they have made in so many lives, including ours.

We lift up those who have died from Covid-19 here and around the world, and for all who still mourn their loss.

We grieve for children whose lives have been cut short because of hunger, unclean water, lack of medical care and crushing poverty, and for all who carry broken hearts for them.

We remember those who have lost their lives because of acts of crime and injustice, and for those who continue to cry out for justice to become a reality. 

Yes, Lord, we remember today. We grieve today. We celebrate today. And we give thanks today. 

We pray this in the strong name of Jesus.