Children will be born today in … the inner city … a wealthy suburb … a nation living under totalitarian rule … a small town … a developing nation.

Children will be born today into … a loving family … an abusive situation … hopelessness … a caring community … abject poverty … a polarized world.

Children will be born today who need … unconditional love … adequate medical care … a quality education … food … not to live in fear.

As we go about our lives, count our blessings, argue about politics, try to carve out the most comfortable life possible and care for our loved ones, help us remember that all the children being born today are Your children. That Your heart breaks whenever any little one suffers. That You long for them the fullness of life. That You call us to care for them when they are hungry, sick, abused and uncared for. And that You need us to share with them Jesus’ love and how he longs to be in relationship with them.  

So today, Lord, we pray for all the children being born today. We pray that we will see them as Your children – and care for them so that they know it. And we pray that one day the tears You shed for them will no longer flow. 

We pray this in the strong name of Jesus.