It’s been a long journey, but I have discovered I must deal with the reality of life as it is – and not how I think it should be – if I want to live with faith, purpose, integrity, hope and joy. This challenges me to come to grips with several important realities. Life is not fair, it’s sometimes random, bad things do happen to good people, people I love will suffer and sin is a reality. But it’s also led me to embrace a second reality that is actually far more important and powerful than this, but can be difficult to comprehend because it is accessed only by faith. God has created me in God’s own image and loves me; Jesus is my Savior, Lord, brother and companion in life; and the Holy Spirit is at work comforting, challenging and empowering me to live as a Jesus’ follower. So here’s what it means for me when I put these two things together. Living by faith has far more impact on the quality of my life than reacting to the reality that surrounds me every day ever will.