Help us pray like Jesus teaches us. To not get caught up in the beauty of our own words, but to speak in ways that bring us closer to You. To not give You our wish list, but to pray for what matters most to You. To not try to impress You, but to be shaped and molded by You.

We give you all honor and glory, praising You because You are God.

We pray Your will becomes as real on earth as it already is in heaven, and that You will use us to make it so.

We pray we will so radically trust You that we can sincerely pray that we want You to give us exactly what You know we need.

We pray You will forgive us whenever we sin against You by trusting only ourselves or not loving our neighbor, and that we will become a forgiving people.

We pray You will keep us from sinning, and keep us from being entrapped by evil.

Yes, help us pray like Jesus teaches us. And then help us live it. We pray this in the strong name of Jesus.