Lord God Almighty,

I’ve realized something, Lord. Too often I move right past You and on to my agenda. No doubt it’s a good agenda as I seek to bring people to Christ, feed the hungry and work for justice. In fact, it could even be said that it is Your agenda. Especially when I invoke scripture, make it clear I’m doing what I do because I’m following Jesus and call upon the Holy Spirit to help me accomplish it.

But here’s my confession, Lord. I am often so busy doing what I consider to be holy work that I simply don’t take the time to praise You in Your glory and majesty, seek to open my heart so I can grow closer to You, discern Your heart’s desires and make it my goal to get on board with what You’re already doing all around me. 

Thank You, Lord. You keep showering me with grace regardless of what I do or fail to do. You keep forgiving me when I go my way instead of Your way, especially when I try to fool both of us and say it’s Your way. You embrace me with real love in real life through Jesus. And You send the Holy Spirit to prod, cajole and gently guide me to become the person You have created me to be.

And so I consider it my highest privilege in life to give You all praise, honor and glory, Lord.