A Letter to Early Childhood Education Directors

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Dear Early Childhood Education Directors,

We know this has not been an easy time to navigate. We appreciate all of the responses to our requests as it helps the ARUMC Conference team know how we can support you in the years to come. The partnership between ARUMC and its Early Childhood Education programs is so valuable to families and employers in our communities. We want to continue to grow this partnership with you and your feedback has helped us develop these beginning stages of support.

The ARUMC Conference recognizes the value of having a voice representing ECE directors on a Conference level, and we have asked Kris Mickna to be that person. Kris is from Central Rogers UMC where she serves as the executive director of their ECE programs. She has been serving on the Bishop’s COVID19 Task force for reopening churches safely. The Bishop’s Cabinet and the Conference Council of Children’s Ministry have asked Kris to continue her service on the Children’s Council so that she can represent the needs of ECE directors and programs as we move forward together in church ministry. Kris will attend CCCM meetings, access the ARUMC ECE database created, receive your feedback from emails and social media, and with the help of Karen Swales will create an online Facebook community specific to your needs. Karen Swales will admin the creative posts that would be most helpful to your programming.

Here is what we can offer to support you at this time:

Kris and Karen are looking forward to connecting with you on social media so please be sure to click on the link and join the page. Your teachers are welcome to join as well so please share the page with them. Our hope is that you all will use this group to share your good ideas and best practice with one another.

Grace and Peace,

Melinda Shunk
Conference Children’s Ministry Coordinator


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