Karen and I were recently talking about a book she has read several times, “The Good and Beautiful Life” by James Bryan Smith. She told me the author says there are two fundamental questions Christians need to ask, and answer. The first is, “Who are you?” The answer (in my own language, of course) is “I am a precious child of God who belongs to Jesus.” The second question is, “Where do you live?” The answer to this question (again, in my own language) is, “I live in the Kingdom of God.” I have reflected on those questions a great deal recently, as well as how the book is going on my reading list. I have concluded that when my life isn’t working well it’s often because I have forgotten those questions. Even more importantly, I have forgotten their answers. So today, may all of us remember that we are precious children of God who belong to Jesus and that we live in the Kingdom of God in the midst of whatever is going on in the world or our lives.