I’ve been thinking about what it means to be a Christian in this season of Covid-19 and a time of great change in our world. On the one hand, it’s true I’m responsible for how I live my life and what I do everyday, even if I do that in the midst of pain that’s been inflicted upon me or a debilitating chronic illness or a random event that has completely turned my life upside down. But I am not a solitary Christian. I am joined with billions of other Christians  – past, present and future – as part of the Body of Christ that embodies Christ in the world. I am connected with other Christians who help mold and shape me as a disciple. And I am bound to my brothers and sisters in telling others that Jesus wants to be in relationship with them, engaging in acts of mercy with those who are hurting and seeking to make God’s justice a reality. That’s a lot more than just being a member of a church, a pastor or even a bishop. It’s the heart of who I am.