Sometimes I wish I could wake up and discover it’s all a dream. But it’s not. The pain, the suffering, the injustice, the hopelessness, the despair and the division is all too real. What is more, you don’t even seem to have time to heal from one crisis before another flares up. So how can you break this pattern? By reclaiming a basic tenant of the Christian faith that seems to have been conveniently set aside – sin. Sin is anything that separates you from God, is contrary to God’s Will and causes harm to others. Sure, this may feel like just another negative when you already have too many negatives in your life. But naming sin is also the first step to wholeness – a journey that continues as you confess, repent and head in a new direction, experience God’s forgiveness in Christ that makes all things new, are reconciled with God and others, and begin to live a transformed life through the Holy Spirit. Naming things like the politicalization of Covid-19, racism, hungry children and the abuse of women as sin can be painful, especially when you need to name your own role in it. But it’s also the beginning of your reconciliation with God and our neighbor.