There is a large-scale resurgence of Covid-19 in much of the country. And things are going to get worse. Thousands of people will die. Millions will suffer – especially those on the margins – because the economy is shattered. And all of us will be involved in deep soul searching for years to come. Why? Because some people think it’s a hoax. Because there is mass denial about what we’re dealing with. And because some people just don’t care. Let me be just as clear as I can. How we respond to Covid-19 is a spiritual matter of the highest magnitude for those of us who love Jesus. That’s because loving Jesus means living the Jesus way; not just in our heads, but with our lives. And Jesus, our Lord and Savior, tells us we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. This means thinking about the well-being of our neighbors. Reaching out to our neighbors. Doing those things that make a concrete difference for our neighbors. And right now this means doing one simple thing – wear a mask.