What does it mean to be a Christian? It means far more than I can comprehend or communicate. And, no doubt, my understanding pales in comparison to so many others. But in simplest terms, here is what it means for me to live as a Christian. It means accepting Jesus’ as my Savior, and embracing the reality that he reconciles me to God because I am incapable of doing that myself. It means inviting Jesus to be Lord of my life, and intentionally allowing him to mold me so that I truly am going on to perfection in love. It means embedding myself in the Body of Christ, and growing closer to sisters and brothers in faith as we embody the Gospel in real life in the real world. It means living the Jesus’ way, and letting the words of the prophets, Jesus’ invitation to those on the edges, the Great Commission and the Great Commandment actually shape my actions far more than culture, politics, economics or ideology. It means seeing through spiritual eyes, and being able to speak boldly, act boldly, and live boldly because I know God’s will is becoming as real on earth as it already is in heaven. It means living with hope in all moments, and knowing with a certainty that nothing can separate me from God’s love in Jesus Christ.